How to add and edit a banner in your CS Cart store

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Imagery is important to any online store. Customers are attracted to banners and images that show them your latest stock, telling them the latest deals and free delivery that they can get when they spend a certain amount of money. This is something that we all do every day. When surfing the web and buying online, we are drawn to the images that show us how much fun we can have with the latest boy toy, or how good we can look in the little black dress. So banners are an important form of advertising your products on your website, it gives your customers an insight into what you sell at first glance.

Firstly, you will need to go to the folder that contains all your banner images. When you are on your dashboard, click the Marketing tab along the top of the page. Then select Banners from the drop down list. This will bring you to a list of all your current banners that are on your website, and whether they are active or not. Of course, if you have not uploaded any banner images as of yet then they will appear empty.

To start; let's see how to upload a banner into your CS-Cart store. Press the Plus symbol on the right hand side of the page, this will bring you to a new page which will ask you for some information. This is where you will name your banner image as well as upload it. When uploading your banner image you must make sure that it is in the following formats only:

  • JPEG
  • GIF
  • PNG

It is important to make sure that your file does not exceed 2 MB; otherwise the file will not be uploaded. You can upload your banners in three ways, by uploading it directly from your files, from a remote location online or from a direct URL to the image. We will be uploading ours directly from our files.

You will need to name your banner also. This is mainly for you to help keep your website well organised. If you have a scrolling banner in your website, then you may want your banner images to scroll in a particular order. CS-Cart makes this very easy, simply type the order number into the position text box. So 1 would be first, 2 would be second, 3 would be third etc.

Also make sure you decide whether your banner will be Active, Hidden or Disabled. Now you may wonder what the difference between Hidden and Disabled is. Well Disabled means that the banner will not appear anywhere on your website, even if someone uses the direct link they will be taken to an error page. Hidden means that the banner will still be active on your website, but unless the customers use the direct URL to the banner then they will not be able to see it.

It is easy to tell if a banner is active or not. An active banner will appear in a blue colour and say Active on the right hand side. A Disabled banner will be a faded grey colour and have Disabled where Active should have been. If you would like to activate or disable a banner that you have up and running currently, scroll to the right hand and side of the page. This is where you will see Active, Disabled or Hidden. Click the arrow next to Active and a small drop down will appear. Simply click to select the option that you would like for the banner. A small buffer will appear and it may even refresh your page. Once this is done, you will see that Active will change and the colour of the text will also change.

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