8 tips to increase traffic to your eCommerce website

Posted by Aaron Brockhurst


So you have your brand new website, it looks great and works well but your still not getting the sales you wanted? Here are 8 tips to increase your visitor to sales conversion rates.

  • A clear layout with easy navigation – This is one of the key things for visitors. A website is no use if your users cant find their way around and browse without becoming lost; if your pages are cluttered and messy you may cause confusion to your visitors.
  • Include a search bar on your website - This will enable visitors to directly search for what they want. You should feature a search bar on every page, in the same way that the main website navigation is featured on each page.
  • Include links to your social networking sites – This will enable visitors to share your products and your website with their friends. It has been proven in studies that people are more likely to make a purchase if a friend has recommended something to them.
  • Include a Facebook like button on product pages – If a person is logged in to Facebook it will show images of any of their Facebook friends who have already liked the page, this will further encourage a visitor to purchase.
  • Clear contact methods – Sometimes in a store, customers can get answers to questions or queries before deciding to purchase something, this is the same for an online store, customers might want to ask questions. This is why you need clear contact details or a contact page so your customers know they can get in touch if they need to. The also want the confidence of knowing there is someone they can talk to if things go wrong.
  • Detailed product descriptions and product images – You wouldn’t walk in to a shop and buy something if you know nothing about it and haven’t seen it, so why would you expect someone to buy something online with no images or information? Customers like to know as much as possible about what they are buying, the more detailed your images and descriptions, the better.
  • Easy check out process – A check out can make or break whether someone follows through with a purchase. If your analytics are showing a high number of people abandoning their shopping cart at the check out stage then you need to make some changes to ensure your customers feel safe using it and understand how to use it.
  • Add recommendations to product pages – If a visitor is browsing a product and there are related products or special offers featured on the page, then the chances are they will continue browsing and eventually find something they want to purchase, just be careful with the placement of your promotions, you don’t want them placed somewhere where no one will notice them. Banner blindness is a common problem with promotions or recommendations on websites.


By following these simple steps you could see a major increase in your online sales rates. Websites are not just there to look pretty, they are their to serve a purpose, so make sure your website is up to scratch for your visitors.

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