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Running a successful eCommerce website

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We all know how big shopping online has become in recent years. And there is no sign of shopping online slowing down any time soon. But you must remember that running a online store is very similar to running a real store and will require a similar level of effort to that of running a bricks and mortar store. So here are a few tips to help you keep one step ahead of your competition.

Get visitors to your products in fewer clicks

It’s simple, the easier it is for people to reach the product they want, the more chance they have of finding it before they get fed up and decide to leave your website. A complicated website with no clear navigation to products can be frustrating for your customers. Clean, clear and simple.

High quality images

Good images sell products. People are hesitant to buy online if an image appear blurred, the image is to small to see anything correctly or if there is only one image of the product. Showing a product from all angles and with options to zoom in will mean the customer can get to know the product better which increases the chance of them purchasing.

Notify users

Simply you sending e-mails or text notifications to confirm payments and inform customers of delivery dates and times will improve customer’s experiences. If any problems occur then it is best to contact a customer by telephone as this makes things more personal and means a customer can ask you there and then any questions they have about the problem.

Be contactable

People like to know that there is a person behind your website. So you must make yourself contactable. Whether this is by social media, or telephone and email, it will reassure your customer that if they come across a problem or have a question they can resolve it as soon as possible. This will improve a customers experience, good customer service will make your business look good and encourage people to visit your website again

Allow customers to shop without registration

Some people enjoy shopping online but don’t want to go through the lengthy process of creating an account on a website, they also don’t want to be tied down and feel obliged to visit again. Give your visitors the freedom to shop without becoming a member. 

Simple checkout process

No one likes filling out endless information just to purchase one product. The simpler it is to check out, the happier your customers. Over complicated or lengthy check out processes can result in customers abandoning their shopping cart because they become bored or confused.

Keep up to date

It’s the middle of February and your homepage still has your Christmas offers on it. This does not set a good impression to your customers, people may even think your out of business because you haven’t updated your website for so long. Also, remember that search engines, like Google, love new content. So if your updating your website regularly enough you will be giving your search engine optimisation an extra boost. This also goes for your social media. If people see you on their Twitter or Facebook feeds enough then they are seeing you are up to date.

Promote your company

Send out a press release or get yourself on social networks to give your business more exposure. If you start putting your business out there people will begin to remember you more and you can give your business a good name. Remember people talk, so if people hear or see good things about your website they may pass on the word to family or friends.

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