mareen lipman orderbyphone

Using phone ordering as part of your engagement strategy

Posted by Aaron Brockhurst


Back in the 1980's Maureen Lipman and BT told us about ordering by phone.

Thanks to giant steps in technology over the last 30 years we can now compare products, prices, special offers, make a purchase and receive delivery without needing to speak to anyone. In all this efficiency we've lost the two things that gave the shop assistant of the 1980s  an advantage:

The human touch

You can't beat speaking to someone.  Even if it's just on the phone.  There's something about the human touch that seals the deal. It's the "I like this person" factor. 


Whilst most ecommerce stores will give you the ability to add in cart "other people bought" and "you might also like" promotions at the point of purchase you're more likely to be able to sell additional items to a hesitant buyer on the phone or in person.  Let's be honest, how many of us have purchased the cables when buying a new TV because the sales person recommended them?

The "pay by phone" payment method

This is where the pay by phone payment method can help.  By adding this a payment option in your checkout process you're giving people the opportunity to speak to a real person. They can complete the checkout and then call you, giving you a vital opportunity to engage with the customer and build a relationship.