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If your site isn’t optimised for mobile you’re missing out

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Did you know that if your website is not optimized for mobile then you are losing customers by the second? Around 37% of global traffic now comes from some sort of mobile device, and 57% of those mobile users will abandon a website or transaction if a website takes too long to load, or too difficult to use or navigate.

Even with all these statics so many small businesses still do not optimise their websites for mobile users. Here are just a few reasons how having your website optimised for mobile will benefit you and your business.

Mobile Users are Different

You have to remember that mobile users are different from desktop users. Mobile users want information quick, easily digestible bites, as they are most likely on the move, whether that is they are on the train, in a car or walking to work. People who shop online also report that their mobile purchases are often impulse buys, where as desktop users have the time to see if they can find what you are offering for cheaper elsewhere on the internet.

So now you can see the importance of making sure that your website is optimized for mobile. You must make it easy for your mobile customers to find the product that they desire or the information on a service that you are providing.

Reduce your bounce rate

Just because your content looks great on your desktop site does not mean that it is readable on a mobile. Customers don’t want to have to zoom in and scroll around, squinting trying to find the information that they want. Or even worse if your website runs flash or requires add-ons to display in a browser. Not having a mobile view for a website will cause your bounce rate to be extremely high. Giving your mobile customers a mobile friendly view of your website will keep them engaging with your website for longer and drive more of them to make a purchase or even a enquire.

Mobile Gets Traffic

Over 1 billion users across the world now make around one-quarter of global web searchers on some sort of mobile device, which could be a mobile phone or tablet. This is why a good mobile view is just as important as a good desktop view. But this is not the only reason why the mobile view is important, Google announced last year that within its Hummingbird that having your website optimised for mobile is curtail when it comes to its ranking systems. Any websites that do not cater to mobile users than their search ranking would suffer.

If your unsure if your website is mobile optimised. Well get your smart phone and head over to your website and do the following checks:

  • Is your content easy for you to read?
  • Does in load in 3 seconds or less? And are you drawn to them?
  • Are all your key points easy to see? 
  • Is your website easy to navigate?
  • Are all your call-to-action buttons clear and easy to press?
  • Does your website provide a good user experience?
  • If this website was yours, would you spend time on it?

If you answers were mostly no, then you may want to consider optimising your website. Contact us here at CSL Web to see how we can help you. If you would like more information and would like to speak to one of our experts call us 0845 258 1208 or alternatively fill out our contact form here.