Twitters new Analytics Tool

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Have you ever wondered how many people your tweets really reach? Ever wondered what type of people who follow you and what they are interested in? Well twitter has now given the power to its twitter users to check how many people have viewed their tweets. It also compares them sowing you what ones get the most views from your twitter followers. 

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Not only can you see how well your tweets are doing, you can also see what the majority of your followers are interested in and also a break down of where your followers are from, whether they are male of female and also a list of people that your followers also tend to follow.

This will be a great tool for any business account, as you can see which subjects your followers find interesting and see which tweets do best. This means that you can relate to your followers more and engage with them more.

Lets take our own twitter stats for example. We can see that people will engage with us more if the tweet involves something along the lines of web design, social media, CS Cart or SilverStripe. This can help us focus our tweets to involve these subjects, which will help us keep our followers interested.

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Best of all twitter has made this a free service. And it is not just available to business pages but private accounts also. Why not check out your own states and see how you can help improve your tweets. Click here for Twitters Analytics and see how well your tweets do!

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