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If you’re looking to take control of your website and manage your content then a Content Management System driven website is the answer. SilverStripe CMS is an award winning, open source web content management system. It's used to build websites and web applications. It is a power tool for professional web development teams, and web content authors rave about how easy it is to use. 

With SilverStripe, updating your website has become easier than ever. In this blog we will be showing you how simple it is to add a new website page using your SilverStripe CMS system. If you’ve never used a CMS before or aren’t very tech savvy then don’t fret.  SilverStripe is easy to use and does all the hard work for you.

When you have logged in to the CMS you will see a bright green “Add New” button at the top of the dashboard.

Now, with SilverStripe you will be given several different options. First you must decided whether the page will be a 'Top level' / 'Parent page' or if it will be 'Under Another Page' / 'Child Page'. You will also need to decide what type of page it is you are setting up. Your website designer should have given you a list of page types that allow you to create a variety of different page types.

It is now time to name your page and set up the URL name. SilverStripe will automatically use the title name of your web page in the URL. For example, 'Our SnapGuides Page'; the URL will display '.com/our-snapguides-page'. This can be changed, for example if you would like your URL to be '.com/snap-guides', you can edit the site URL whilst the page name will stay the same as before.

When you have entered all of your content into your page it’s now time to select who can see this page and who can edit it. While still on your web page, scroll over to where it says ‘Settings’ on the top right hand corner. A checklist will appear with some options. Here you can also change the page from a plain web page to another page if you wished to. Also if you have a change of heart, and think this page will be better suited under another page you can edit this in the settings also.

One list of options is who will be able to view this page. If your web page is going to be viewed by anyone who visits your website, then you will want to select the option ‘Anyone’.  SilverStripe also gives you the ability to set up a login system. This means you can set pages up for your login members only, for example a blog.

You can also choose who can edit the page on your SilverStripe admin also. You can create a list of people who can edit this page, or just leave it for anyone who can log into your SilverStripe CMS system can edit it.

Both Lists also gives you an ‘Inherit From Parent Page’ option. This entire means is that if the page is under another page, whatever options you have chosen for that page will be carried onto the child page. You should also be able to see some ‘Visibility’ options also. All this means is that you can decided weather you can see this page in your menus or if it is a searched for page only.

All that's left to do is save your page. We can save our SnapGuides page as a draft. You should be able to see if a page is in draft still by a little cream tag next to the page on your SilverStripe site tree. We are going to publish this page now. Select the page you would like to publish, scroll down to the bottom and select 'Save and Publish'. All that’s left is to do some checking to make sure that the page looks correct and that you are happy with how your new website page looks.

And then you’re finished! Your page will be up on your published site and ready for your customers or members to use. 

If you would like more information on SilverStripe and would like to speak to one of our experts call us 0845 258 1208 or alternatively fill out our contact form here.

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