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How to re-arrange your site tree in SilverStripe

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We all know it can be a tidiest task updating your website, but what makes it worse when you find it hard to navigate your site tree as well. Having a clearly laid out website tree will make organising and updating your website a much easier for you.

Once you log into your SilverStripe Content Management System you will be presented with your site tree straight away. This will show you all the website pages that you have added, both published and unpublished. Take a quick look, does it make sense at a glance? Are particular pages easy to find? Are they categorised correctly? 

SilverStripe makes it easy for you to move pages around and re-organise your site. Find the page that you would like to move, hold down the left click button on your mouse and drag the page to its new position. A green tick will appear in areas as you drag your page around the site tree, this shows you where you can place your page within the site tree. If a red cross appears, this means that a page cannot be moved to this location, but this normal only shows up if you leave the area of the site tree. 

Using this method means that you can also turn a page into a ‘Child Page’. This is just a page that sits is underneath another page. For example, you may have an about page (the parent), and a child-page named team. To do this just left click and hold, then scroll to the ‘Parent Page’ that you would like to place your page. Hover over the page directly and once the green tick appears, let go of the left mouse button. Click the dark grey triangle next to your parent page to reveal all of its child pages, and you will be able to see the page that you have recently moved there.

Now, when you move a page, SilverStripe will automatically remove it from your live site and post it as a draft. You will see a cream tag next to your page, which will say ‘MODIFIED’ which will confirm this. So you will need to publish the web page again. To publish your web page, click on the page and at the bottom of the page there is a ‘Save & Publish’ button, once clicking this will publish the page to your live website.

Now you have rearranged the site-tree, you can navigate to your live website. Browse your website, navigate through the pages and check that the pages are back online and work correctly again.

If you would like more information on SilverStripe and would like to speak to one of our experts call us 0845 258 1208 or alternatively fill out our contact form here.

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