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How to add a product in CS Cart

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CS-Cart is the best shopping cart solution for building an eCommerce website of any size. Unlike other eCommerce applications adding products is easy peasy lemonade squeezy.  We pride ourselves at CSL Web at being CS Cart experts, so we thought we would give you some CS Cart tips and tricks!

Adding products could not be simpler. When logged in go to the dashboard and click "Products" from the "Products" menu in the top navigation bar. You will see a full list of your products in your store. At this page press the little plus button on the right hand side to add a new product. This will direct you to a new product page where you will fill in all of the information about your product.

 Products Products Administration panel

Try to fill in as much information as you can for your product and give as much detail in your description box as possible. Doing this will help give your clients as much information as possible about the product you are selling and will help them make a decision to purchase. It will also help your search engine optimisation. 

Remember, great images sell products.  CS Cart gives you the ability to upload as many images as you want and will auto resize your images for the required thumbnails. Remember to make sure that your images are clean, clear and large. This will stop them from pixelated and looking blurred. If your images do look blurred or pixelated or even too small to be able to see or just generally unclear, people will often be turned off­ from buying from you.  

Always preview your new product page before publishing your products to your live website to just to make sure that the images look pixel perfect, and all spelling and grammar is correct Remember to word your product titles and descriptions to accurately describe your product and make sure that any relevant search terms are used. For example if you are selling a green apple iPhone, make sure that the words ‘Green’, ‘Apple’ and ‘iPhone’ are used in the title and the description. Even use words associated with the product as well. For example ‘Smartphone’ could be one that could help bring traffic to your online store.

Once you have set up your product and filled in all of the required fields, you will need to publish your product. To do this you will need to click ‘Create’ which is in the left hand side of the page and then you are done. Your product will now be available to buy in your store!


Products Products Administration panel5  

So lets have a quick run down

  • Make sure you add as much detail about your product
  • Make sure yout images are clean, clear and large so that people can see what you are trying to selling and make instinctive buying decisions
  • Keywords play an enormous role when it comes to SEO; make sure that you have them in the title, beginning of your product description and also at the end. 
  • Check to make sure that the text looks right, and the images look perfect as well.

If you would like more information on CS Cart and would like to speak to one of our experts call us 0845 258 1208 or alternatively fill out our contact form here.


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