5 things to think about before you design your website

Posted by Aaron Brockhurst


Before starting to design your website you should consider the following five tips.

Establish your goals

Before beginning to design your website, you need to establish what you would like to achieve from your site. What are your goals? A clear direction is essential if you want your design and your website to have a purpose and if you want to measure your success.

Identify your audience

Before starting to design your website you need to identify who your audience is. This will help you make decisions about  how your website should look and function. By considering the different demographics you will want to interact with, age, gender, profession, lifestyle, culture, etc, you will be able to determine the important aspects of your website that help you to engage with these people. It will also help you develop your brand image and message.

Determine your brands image

The overall look and feel of your website will determine your visitors impressions, you want the impression to be one that truly represents your brand or company for what it really is.

Decide how you are going to maintain fresh content

Make sure your using quality content that appeals to your audience and make sure you are updating your site regularly to keep it fresh, your content will become outdated if you don’t change or update some things every now and then, you want to give people a reason to regularly visit your site.

Establish a marketing plan

Marketing is the easiest way to spread the word and attract attention; social media has become a key tool of marketing in recent times. To tackle marketing, you need to come up with a plan, a good place to start is to find out where your ideal audience is, marketing will only work if you target the right people.

With careful planning you could design a website that not only looks great but is successful and popular.