Why should your website design be responsive?

Posted by Aaron Brockhurst


Since its birth, the World Wide Web has come in to it’s own; it now has billions of regular users worldwide. The increasing number of ways to access the web has required web developers to adapt to these changes to make websites accessible from all devices and browsers.

There are many benefits of having a responsive website design, these include:

Further reach
This is the most obvious benefit of responsive website design, if you have a website that works in all browsers and on all devices, then its expected that you will have an increased number of visitors on your site.

A responsive website will give your customers the best viewing experience no matter where they are viewing your website. A good user experience always has its benefits, if you’re an ecommerce store this could cause a significant increase in sales.

Only one site to update
If you have a separate mobile version of your website that is totally different from your main website then changing to a responsive website design could be a great move for your business. It could save you money and will reduce the time you spend updating your website, because you only have to do it once, as opposed to updating your websites separately.

Responsive website design is the approach used to create a website with a layout that will change depending on what it is being viewed from. Changes include things such as images, text, font sizes and layout. Different elements of your website will shrink, disappear or change size for the best viewing experience possible.